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  1. Water park:

    Our company has prepared all the architectural & executive plans and feasibility studies to construct a water park filling the market’s needs for such parks, taking into consideration the year-round warm weather.

    A total area of (25,000M2)was dedicated to the project with an estimated capacity of over (10,000 people per day) and a total estimated budget of (10 bn. $), providing pools , water rides, and a collection of cafés and restaurants inside the park.

  2. Marina Walk:

    There is a lake within the property of the project with a total area of (220,000M2). Our company has designed and studied the project of a marina walk connecting Palestine Street and Al-Jaish canal with a total length area of (1500 M). Providing a peaceful place to enjoy the stunning view and all the accommodations including transport by either boat or train or simply walking along the lake side.

    We have incorporated the optimal usage of sail boats, floating restaurants, and dancing fountains to add an aesthetic value to an amazing site. The total value of the project according to the feasibility study is no less than (12 bn. $).

  3. Sailing Club:

    A total area of (17,000 M2 ) has been allocated within the master plan of the project to construct a sailing club . Studies have shown that the Baghdadi families are prone to seek out such recreational areas all year long as it provides a relaxing and fun-packed atmosphere for water- sports lovers in addition to the wedding galas and restaurant for all social functions.

    Studies have shown that a minimum of (1500) families are enrolled as members of such clubs as there is only two or three of them for the entire population of the capital Baghdad estimated at (8,000,000) people.

    The estimated construction cost for the project is (8 bn. $) over a period of (18) months.

  4. Hotel & Mall:

Our company has allocated a total area of (25,000 M2) with a (200 M) front overlooking Al-Jaish canal and bordering the car park, to construct the 15-floors rising, oval-shaped hotel and mall.

Its proximity to the main streets, and its central location at the heart of the city make for an estimated number of visitors at (25,000) people according to the feasibility studies

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